Stephanie MariscaWhy Stephanie Created Coaches Cafe?

Hi, I’m Stephanie Marisca, thanks for visiting

As a coach, mentor and educator for professional coaches, I experience many people answering their greater calling to make a difference in the world by believing in the power of the human spirit.

If you are a coach, I know that you are passionate about helping others align with their unlimited potential, and you want to live the lifestyle that you envision while making a difference doing the work you love!

I hear from many coaches I work with that they would like to be part of an ongoing support system that further develops their skills and expertise, fuels their passion for coaching, provides a way to stay connected to other coaches, and creates significant growth in their business.  This is why I created Coaches Cafe.

I am passionate about coaching and helping other coaches be brilliant at what they do! I am excited and committed to offer a community of professional support and provide the mentor coaching you need to increase the power and effectiveness of your coaching presence.

People hire you for who you are, not what you do.  My commitment is to help you claim your inner power so you can bring your coaching to the world—making a difference with each person you meet in the way that is most meaningful for you and the world around you.

Coaches Cafe is the place to continue to work on YOU!

I believe in the power of coaching and how it restores your personal power to be all that you are.  It allows you to access your True Self, to let your brilliance shine through and live with greater purpose and passion to create a more conscious, peace-filled world.  Your success, wealth and happiness come easily when you are living from the place of your personal power and Truth.

Let your coaching brilliance shine through!

I love being a coach. Everyday I get to witness the amazing gifts that so many of my clients share openly with me. There is nothing more rewarding than having someone remember who it is they really are and who it is they have always been simply by taking the time to focus inward and examine what it is they want from their life and what it is they are being called to do in any moment. They know they are standing on the threshold of something bigger than they are.
—Stephanie Marisca

Who is Stephanie Marisca?

Stephanie Marisca MCC, CPC, CTPC, ELI-MP is an award-winning, master certified coach, certified mentor coach, coach educator, and workshop facilitator who trains and mentors hundreds of coaches. She specializes in empowering her clients to move through major life transitions with greater grace and ease. She helps them to identify their blocks, and gain clarity, direction and focus to effect positive change in both their professional and personal life.

She is passionate about working with new and emerging coaches, as well as the more experienced and seasoned coaches who are committed to playing it big, making a meaningful impact, and gaining credibility through their own power and initiative. They want to show up powerfully and authentically with a clear and compelling message that invites the right opportunities to be of greater service to their own ideal clients and the world.

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Coaches-Cafe-Stephanie-MariscaKnown as the “Tough Love Coach”, Stephanie's direct approach fused with fierce compassion meets you where you are to get to the heart of the matter, sort through your priorities, move to a place of confidence and take inspired action to create the success that you want with your coaching. She supports her clients to access their power and inner guidance to know what it is they are here to do and give their life to it with confidence, courage and conviction.

Stephanie's passion, enthusiasm and energy for coaching inspires you to reach beyond your usual ways of doing business and embrace your own personal coaching style while meeting International Coach Federation Standards.

Stephanie gives you the opportunity to further develop your confidence, gain clarity and really sharpen your coaching skills to create greater impact and effectiveness with your clients! Championing you to that next level of mastery, Stephanie always has your best interests at heart—prodding you to reach for the stars so your brilliance can shine through.

Her own experiences allow her to effectively support her clients to transform any challenge into a powerful opportunity and claim their personal power, truth and authentic coaching style.  As a result, they are better prepared to influence, inspire and motivate their own clients.

“Each and every journey is a gift and always reveals the Divine within and the power it has to connect us to our greatest potential and true success.”

—Stephanie Marisca

Stephanie’s Certifications, Awards and Experience

Stephanie is a Master Certified Coach(MCC) with the International Coach Federation and received her coach certification(CPC) through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

She is a master trainer and mentor coach for New England Coaching and the iPEC Coaching Certification since 2006. She is also a certified Transformational Presence Coach (CTPC) through Alan Seale’s, Center for Transformational Presence and a Certified Mentor Coach through Invite Change and an ICF Credential Assessor. She is certified in the Energy Leadership Master Index, Genos Emotional Intelligence and DiSC assessments.

Stephanie was voted 2011-2012 ICF New England Life Coach of the Year, and the recipient of the 2012-2013 ICF New England Director’s Award.

In addition, Stephanie brings more than 15 years of experience in alternative approaches to self-transformation into her work. She has earned certifications in a variety of holistic and metaphysical disciplines that highly inform her coaching style.

Whether working in groups or one-on-one, Stephanie offers her clients many tools for personal transformation to occur.

Associations & Memberships

  • International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • ICF New England Charter Chapter
  • Rhode Island Holistic Healers Association
  • Space Clearing Society of RI
  • Foundation of the Sacred Stream